Dodging the law?

A Sudanese diplomat has avoided charges of alleged sexual abuse in the US by claiming diplomatic immunity - not the first envoy to do so.


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Habari Zinazoendana

2 years ago


An end to technical tax dodging

Google and the UK government recently announced an agreement for the technology giant to pay back £130 million ($181 million) in taxes owed over the past ten years.


3 years ago


Meeting with Freemasons, dodging their late dinner

Along Post Road in Mwanza stands one of the city’s oldest buildings. It hosts the Ladha Meghji Indian Public Library—a house once used in the 1950s by freedom fighters in East Africa to organise the struggle against colonialism.


2 years ago


TRA impounds 9 containers on suspicion of tax dodging

The Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) in collaboration with the police yesterday seized nine containers suspected to have been covertly moved from Dar es Salaam Port to evade tax.


2 years ago


Uganda: Museveni Denied US National Consensus By Dodging Debate

Uganda: Museveni Denied US National Consensus By Dodging Debate
Col Kizza Besigye's rally on Monday at Ssaza grounds in Iganga is one of the biggest I have so far attended this campaign season. Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago, who has attended more, told me it was only comparable to those in Soroti and Mbale. Iganga ...



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