KahamaSME’s now to enjoy NMB Business Centre Services

Shinyanga Regional Commissioner - Zainab Taleck and the NMB Managing Director – Ineke Bussemaker cuts a ribbon to mark the official opening of the Kahama Business Center in Kahama district. Looking on is the NMB Kahama Business Center Manager - Gabriel Masanaja and Acting Chief of Retail Banking- Abdulmajid Nsekela. 
The launch of Kahama Business Centre took place over the weekend in Kahama. NMB has created business centers as dedicated branches only for SMEs with the aim of boosting the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) in the country.
 • Kahama Business Centre adds to the number of Business Centres to 10 • To serve Shinyanga, Tabora and Kigoma 
NATIONAL Microfinance Bank Plc (NMB) has opened a new business center in Kahama– Kahama Business Centrewhich will serve the Western Zone regions of Shinyanga, Tabora and Kigoma. 
To boost the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) in the country, NMB has created business centers asdedicated branches only for SMEs. Business centers are currently in Dodoma, Kariakoo, Sinza, Arusha, Mbeya, Morogoro, Moshi, Mtwara, Mwanza and now Kahamamaking NMB to hit its target for 2017 of reaching 10 Business Centers in the country. 
Speaking at the launch of Kahama Business Centre in Kahama earlier today, NMB Managing Director – Ineke Bussemaker affirmed NMB’s commitment to boost MSME’s insisting that the business Centre in Kahama is in response to the growing demand of the business community and bring tailor made products close to them. Ms Bussemaker said “this branch we are launching today underlines our commitment to MSME business, time has come when we need a stronger interaction between the bank and its largest SME customers.” Shinyanga Regional Commissioner - Zainab Taleck congratulating the NMB Western Zone Manager – Leon Ngowi after the official opening of Kahama Business Center in Kahama district over the weekend. Looking on is the NMB Managing Director – Ineke Bussemaker. NMB has created business centers as dedicated branches only for SMEs with the aim of boosting the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) in the country.
 Kahama Business Centre is a dedicated branch only for SME’s and high net worth individuals with the main aim of fostering a rewarding relationship with NMB business customers. This is achieved by providing forums for customers to explore business opportunities through training, capacity building and networking opportunities. 
To make sure that NMB supports well MSME, Ms Bussemaker said “We offer basic business training on capacity building, and networking opportunities through our Business Clubs. We have 34 clubs covering all regions”. Since 2011, NMB has grown the MSME’s business from zero to over 100,000 MSME’s representing 14% of overall NMB’s business. 
“Industrialisation activities are extremely important, not just to NMB but to the economy. The economy as a whole depends on the success of SMEs forming a bigger part of many industries in the country. And we are proud that in the course of just a few years we were able to grow this business successfully from zero to where we consistently support over 100,000 businesses nationwide” Said Ms Bussemaker. 
Ms Bussemakerfurther saidthat improvements done by the bank so far will help to bring services more close to this segment of customers where they will not only get the best services but also acquire various trainings including the ones received at the Business Club meetings. 
On her part, the Shinyanga Regional Commissioner-Zainab Taleck argued customers to make use of the business center for their development commending the contribution done by NMB in Kahama and Shinyanga region in promoting financial inclusion. 
“I am requesting you to use this branch effectively, Shinyanga and Kahama have developed attracting huge businesses. We are honored with this center which I am sure will transform the business community in my region and nearby regions of Tabora, Kigoma and other districts within Shinyanga region.” Said the RC.


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Habari Zinazoendana

2 years ago


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