Mobile revolution in East Africa; Jovago Launches Mobile app


Africa’s N°1 Hotel Booking website, has released its first mobile application in order to facilitate the hotel booking process for its customers and push the ‘mobile first’ initiative of the Africa Internet Group.

Africa’s leading hotel-booking website Jovago announced the launch of a new mobile application which allows customers access their vast inventory of 25,000 hotels in Africa on and offline.

The self-developed Hotels Booking is a free mobile application for the...

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Habari Zinazoendana

4 years ago

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Mobile Devices Revolution in East Africa

Ahead of Jovago’s launch of its hotel booking application this month (September), smart phones are still ruling the market but featured phones are complementing them according to a survey done in East Africa.

According to the survey released by Jovago Tanzania, it shows that since 2011 Smartphone penetration remains popular compared to feature phones, by increasing from 3% in 2011 to 15% in 2015 and is projected to reach 33% by 2018.

But also, Samsung Metro being the most popular brand among...


4 years ago



Africa’s leading online marketplace Kaymu has further expanded to mobile marketing with the launch of its mobile app in September 2014.

Kaymu Tanzania has unveiled its first mobile application services in the country, enabling Android users to shop for goods and order directly from their mobile phones, and allowing sellers to manage their online shops and orders much more quickly and conveniently than ever before.

Addressing the press at the company head office in Mikocheni - Dar es Salaam,...


2 years ago


Zantel launches a tourists mobile app

Mobile operator Zantel has launched a mobile application which also aims at assisting local and foreign tourists to have proper information on attraction spots in the country.


4 years ago

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Ebola Survivors Across West Africa Share Life-Saving Tips Via Mobile App


‘Yes, I Survived Ebola’ Says Guinean Woman in First-Ever Message Sent Through the Interactive App

#ISurvivedEbola (, the groundbreaking West African multimedia campaign, has launched a new, interactive mobile app that allows Ebola survivors to connect with each other, share public health advice, and update the world on the challenges they still face during their post-recovery lives.

The innovative digital tool debuted in Guinea on January 5. It is being piloted...


3 years ago

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Jovago Launches IOS App for Apple users

Africa’s leading online hotel booking platform,, has launched its first iOS app which will further revolutionize hotel booking experience in Africa for the Apple users.

The largest online hotel inventory in Africa has officially launched its iOS App, which will further transform the way travelers book hotels online using their mobile devices. This is part of Jovago’s drive to provide an exciting mobile user experience for its Apple clients.

“The launch of the IOS App is a great...


5 years ago


Kenya's mobile money revolution

New mobile banking service takes on dominant M-Pesa


3 years ago


Cementing regional integration, with a mobile App

Cementing regional integration, with a mobile App
Advancements in ICT are no longer in the realms of science fiction but rather, they play a central role in day to day socio-economic and political development. From a farmer in a remote village receiving real time market prices for his crops in Dar es ...


3 years ago

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Wema Azindua Mobile App Yake

1. Kutoka kushoto niMtaalam wa Mitandao ya Simu kutoka Kampuni ya Push Mobile,Haji Yusuph,Staa wa Filamu,Wema Sepetu,Wazri Nape na Manager wa Hartman Trader, Cecil Mhina.

Wema Sepetu (wa pili kushoto) sambamba na Waziri wa habari, Sanaa na Michezo, Nape Nnauye wakiwa kwenye hafla ya uzinduzi wa App hiyo.2. Mama wa Staa Wema Sepetu, Miriam Sepetu (kulia) akifuatila hafla iliyokuwa ikindelea.

Mama Wema kushoto pamoja na wageni wengine walioalikwa kwenye hafla hiyo.3,wema sepetu akiungumza jamboWema akitoa maelezo ya App hiyo itavyofanya kazi.4.Waziri wa Habari,Utamaduni,Wasanii na Michezo, Nape Nnauye akizungumza jambo kwenye hafala hiyo.

Waziri wa Habari, Sanaa na Michezo, Nape Nnauye akizungumza jambo wakati wa uzinduzi huo.5.Waziri, Nape (kushoto) akifanya uzinduzi wa Wema Sepetu Mobile Application.

Wakifungua pazia ili kuzindua rasmi App hiyo.6.Waziri Nape (kushoto) akifungua kitambaa kuashiria uzinduzi huo.Kulia ni mwanzilishi wa application hiyo,Wema Sepetu.

Nape Nnauye na Wema Sepetu wakizindua App ya hiyo.7.Maelekezo ya namna ya kujiunga na mtandao huo.Baada ya App hiyo kuzinduliwa rasmi.8.Waziri wa Habari, Utamaduni,Wasanii na Michezo, Nape Nnauye (kushoto) akipeana mko na Staa wa Filamu, Wema Sepetu.Waziri Nape...


4 years ago

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Kaymus Mobile app is the real deal in Tanzania


Since the launch of its Android and Blackberry apps in September 2014, and the recent launch of its iOS app in May 2015, Kaymu has been pushing to improve and promote its mobile phone applications.  

Kaymu is offering unbelievable price discounts on so many products via the mobile app, in the celebration of this Saba Saba season. Products ranging from kitchen ware to television sets can be grabbed at unbelievable prices.

Speaking to reporters, Kaymu Tanzania’s Country Manager Erfaan...



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