Obama’s legacy: for what will Africa remember him?

It was a surprise and jubilation when Obama made history in 2008 by becoming the first African-American President in US history. His campaign slogan “Yes we can!” amid a feeling of “hope and change” resonated with war-weary voters after eight years of President George W. Bush.


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Habari Zinazoendana

2 years ago

Dewji Blog

Trade Not Aid: Obama’s Africa Legacy

The US-Africa Business Forum (USABF), which meets for the second time in New York on 21 September, provides a platform to deepen business and financial ties between the US and Africa, and is the culmination of efforts to diversify Washington’s focus away from humanitarian concerns and counterterrorism.

Emphasizing the business opportunities that Africa offers could be Barack Obama’s key Africa legacy, equivalent to the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) for Bill Clinton and the...


4 years ago


'Africa's Che Guevara': Thomas Sankara's legacy

West African hero Thomas Sankara's legacy lives on


5 years ago


The legacy of colonialism and slavery costing Africa dearly

How do we measure the weight of our cultural presence in a globalized society? How does Africa’s unique cultural capital fare in the face of globalized cultures? We can look at the global accommodation given to our individual cultures


2 years ago


Influence of the Karume legacy mixed legacy shapes current events in Zanzibar

Zanzibar’s first President Abeid Amani Karume was a lot of things to different people. For some Zanzibaris Karume represented an era prosperity when politics were not allowed to defer development. They still remember him as the man of action.


8 months ago


Ellen Johnson Sirleaf: The legacy of Africa's first elected female president

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf made history in Liberia but was also accused of corruption, writes Tamasin Ford.


2 years ago


OBAMA SPECIAL: At the end of it all, Obama leaves a mixed legacy in Africa

Eight years ago, exactly this month, Africans across the world were full of pride and excitement. The son of the continent, Barack Obama, took over the helm of the most powerful country in the world.


1 year ago


CANDID TALK : Date with ‘Obama’ in Kibera

Folks, last week, this third-rate column was missing. I am still in Ayany Estate that borders Kibera slums in Nai-robbery (or Nairobi if like). As you all know, this part of the world is on election hyper mode and guys have gone bananas with their sloppy politicking.


3 years ago


Obama’s envoy makes secret visit to Museveni

Former United States top diplomat for Africa, Johnnie Carson, has held back-to-back meetings with President Museveni and Foreign Affairs minister Sam Kutesa, during a surprise visit to Uganda.


2 years ago


Obama’s message to 2017 Golden Globe Nominees

The outgoing President Obama wrote a letter to the attendees at the Golden Globe which he shared on January eighth. During the show, Tracee Ellis Ross was the first black woman to win an Golden Globe. She is known for acting comedy movies and series such as Blackish and Girlfriend.

Image result for barack obama letter to golden globes

He thanked all the actors, producers and directors for making a major impact to entertainment. It said, Michelle and I send greetings to all those attending the 74th annual Golden Globe Awards. Film and...



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