WORLD VIEW : Evaluating Barack Hussein Obama

President Barack Obama steps down at the age of 55. He will probably live, given his healthy lifestyle, until he’s over 90. So what on earth is he going to do for the next 40 years? Run for King of England? He would probably win, as he is much more popular in Europe than he ever was at home.


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Habari Zinazoendana

11 months ago


WORLD VIEW: Evaluating Obama’s foreign policy

When President Barack Obama leaves office, will the world be better or worse than it was eight years ago?  Taking the big picture, so often obscured by the wars and uprisings that dominate the front page, more often than not he has resisted the foreign-policy establishment, most importantly in Syria, which makes a fetish of “credibility”. Obama has argued that “dropping bombs on someone to prove that you are willing to drop bombs is just about the worst reason to use force”.


1 year ago


WORLD VIEW : What if Obama stayed on as president?

An interesting question is what would happen to American foreign policy if President Barack Obama were allowed to have another four-year term in office?


12 months ago


WORLD VIEW : Donald Trump’s mistaken view of Islam

An abiding fear for Donald Trump is that the Middle East dictators’ successors in power will be militant Islamists who once elected will stop at nothing. At one time in the presidential campaign he threatened to “nuke” them.


2 years ago


Ujio wa Obama nchini Kenya waacha historia, watoto waliozaliwa siku aliyowasili waitwa Barack Obama na wengine AirForceOne

Ujio wa Rais wa Marekani, Barack Obama umeacha historia ya mambo mengi kwa wananchi wa Kenya. Baadhi ya wazazi wa watoto waliozaliwa siku ambayo Obama alitua nchini Kenya Ijumaa ya July 24, wamewapa watoto wao majina yanayohusiana na Rais huyo. Mzazi mmoja aliyejifungua mtoto wa kiume siku hiyo aliamua kumpa mtoto wake jina la Rais […]


5 months ago


WORLD VIEW : Our violent world and what the future holds

The most peaceful countries in the world are Iceland, Portugal, Austria, New Zealand and Denmark, according to the new Global Peace Index, in a new 136-page report, published by the Institute for Economics and Peace in Sydney, Australia. The most violent are Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen and South Sudan.


10 months ago


WORLD VIEW : Why Europe conquered the world

Eleven hundred years ago Europe was a backwater. There were no grand cities, apart from Cordoba in Spain which was Muslim.


3 years ago

Public Radio International

Where have all the honeybees gone? Barack Obama wants to know

Public Radio International
Where have all the honeybees gone? Barack Obama wants to know
Public Radio International
A honeybee takes nectar from a flower in Tanzania, while pollen attaches to its body. US President Barack Obama on Friday created a presidential commission to study the collapse of honeybee colonies and other pollinators across the country. There's fear ...


11 months ago





ZIMESALIA siku nne tu Rais wa Marekani, Barack Obama, kung’atuka madarakani.

Rais huyo anatarajia kumkabidhi Ikulu ya Marekani Rais mteule, Donald Trump, Ijumaa wiki ijayo.

Kabla ya tukio hilo kufanyika hivi karibuni Rais Obama alitoa hotuba ya kuaga taifa hilo akiwa mjini Chicago, nchini humo.

Kama kawaida yake, aliongea kwa pozi, sentensi moja na nyingine zilitawaliwa na tuo, alivuta pumzi, akatuliza kichwa.

Midomo yake ilitamka maneno yanayowavuta wapigakura,...


10 months ago


Barack Obama avunja ukimya

Ofisi ya rais wa zamani wa Marekani Barack Obama imetoa tamko na kusema kwamba raisi huyo wa zamani anakerwa na na maandamano yanayoendelea nchini humo.



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